(Wood engraving of a footy match in Melbourne, 1860s - source)

What is Footy?

Australian Rules Football, known colloquially to Aussies as just football or footy, is an exciting, fast-paced sport that is considered the national sport of Australia.

Played on a field similar to a cricket field, the team runs the ball down the field by kicking, handballing or running with the ball in short bursts. Scoring is done by kicking the ball through the goal posts (worth 6 points) or by moving the ball through the shorter and wider behind posts or the goal posts by means other than kicking (worth one point.)

When a player has the ball, he or she is vulnerable to tackle where the player must give up possession. This results in a quick-moving, "hot-potato" like game where the players move swiftly and deftly to keep the ball moving while trying to avoid the other team gaining possession. From the spectator's point-of-view, it's a non-stop thrill ride that will cause you to get swept up in it's action!

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About the Arizona Hawks Football Club

The Arizona Hawks Australian Football Club was founded in 1999. It is in the USAFL's West region and is based out of Phoenix, Arizona. The men's team is the Arizona Hawks, metro teams are Arizona Gold, Arizona Maroon, Tempe Devils and Tombstone Marshalls. The women's team is the Arizona Lady Hawks.

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