Player Bios

Here's the background information for the members of the various Arizona Hawks teams.

Arizona Lady Hawks

Melissa Armstrong

I started playing Footy in 2004 when the Arizona Lady Hawks made their debut. I took 6 years off to start a family and came back to play in 2010. I also love playing soccer and doing Crossfit.

Valerie Barber-Axthelm

I started playing footy at the beginning of 2015 year for the Arizona Hawks. In July, I had the honor of representing the USA against Canada with Team Liberty. In my spare time, I also enjoy playing soccer, volleyball, and softball.

Kelli Bishop

I have been playing footy for just a few months (SUPER newbie). I played soccer and volleyball growing up, but soccer has really been my sport. I've played for 13 years and I love it! I just graduated in May from NAU with my degree in social work, and work full time with kids with disabilities.

Courtney Church

Age 35, Height: 5'2", Weight: 115 lbs.
First Year Played: 2007
First Rep. Freedom Year: 2009

Nicole Fasula

Age 41, Height: 5'0", Weight: 105 lbs.
Player/Umpire (Field)
First Year Played: 2009
First Rep. Freedom Year: 2011

Jennifer Ferrucci

I started playing footy just a few months ago, I've played soccer since I was 6. I like long walks on the beach and candlelit dinners. Namaste.

Lindsey Hestand

I was introduced to Footy by a great friend in 2010. I played soccer all of my life but it took one game of footy for me to quickly realize that this was the most amazing sport ever!

Megan Jones

I started playing footy in 2014. Prior history playing Basketball and Softball.

Karla Mascarenas

Victoria Moyer

I started playing footy in Feb of 2015 and officially joined the Arizona Lady Hawks right before national tryouts. I enjoy trying different sports and HIITS training.

Vanessa Ortiz

I started playing footy in 2010. When I'm not playing footy or banked track roller derby, I like to Crossfit, hike, and trail run.

Drea Placencio

I started playing in 2008. Some of my very best friends had been playing footy for a while and, after a long day of day drinking, convinced me to attend an Arizona Hawks practice. I was immediately hooked! I played for The USA Freedom team in 2010. I took the last couple years off but I am back for me footy fun!

Sophie Placencio

Lindsay Roberts

I have been playing footy for almost a year. My sister invited me to a practice and I was hooked! When I am not playing footy or hanging with my daughter, I am riding my dirt bike or quad. Work hard, play harder!!

Morgan Smith

This is my first year playing footy. I tried it on a whim but quickly fell in love.